Everyone's Doing It: Man Braids

The era of the man bun has evolved!

While some gentleman are doing their best to catch up with the man-bun trend, those who have fully achieved the look are now moving on to better things! We reccommend Bumble and bumble's sumowax for this job, keeping small fly-aways in place while still looking effortless. Move aside Willie Nelson, man-BRAIDS have evolved and look badder than ever. 

Festival Season: Glitter Roots


What better way to show off your hair color than throwing some glitter on it?! Glitter roots are the new flower crown and we're all about it. This look can go from fun and wild to simple and flirty! We love this look paired with a fun pastel hair color and the best part is it washes right off. You can also achieve this trend with a gold leaf application for a subdued look that will still have everyone's eyes on you or go for mixed glitter and wow the room. 



FELLAS listen up, we’ve got the latest trends waiting just for you! Here are two of the hottest styles sweeping across the magazines, runways, and seen on the streets of the trendiest cities all across the world!

Seen on celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Orlando Bloom, & Brad Pitt, the masculine “Man Bun” is taking men’s cuts to the next level! Wear your hair slicked back for a more formal look, or just throw it up for a bohemian alternative. Take this look to the next level with drastically short sides for an edgy, high fashion look that will leave others with an “OMG” moment. The first days of Fall are here so here’s your chance to grow your hair out as long as you want until next spring/summer!

Another awesome men’s cut that’s been seen in recent runway shows has been a unique alternative to a short men’s cut. GUYS, take your hair to the next level by giving yourself a blunt straight bang! With this short hair alternative you can have others mistaken you as a European foreigner as this look has been seen on runways throughout London, Paris, & Milan Fashion Week. If this look isn’t edgy enough for you, shave your sides down to nearly the skin to give yourself an undeniably high-fashion look.

To end, here’s a quote from the infamous Ralph Lauren – “Style is very personal it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.”

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A One-on-One with Luis Vega


This week we sat down with Mr. Luis Vega on a one-on-one interview to go over his latest trends, inside secrets, and his view on the best salon in Orlando:

What does being a Trendsetter mean to you?

To me, being a TRENDSETTER, is someone who walks in their own lane, not worried of what those might say.

How did you know that hair was your passion?
I recognized my passion for hair in high school. I was always experimenting with my own hair and a couple friends here and there.

What hair service do you enjoy doing the most and why?
I enjoy playing with color! It’s just super exciting knowing you can completely change someone’s look simply by changing there color. 

What is your all around expertise?
My all around expertise?? I would have to say color. Mainly because that’s the majority of what I perform in the salon. 

How has Trend Studios influenced your life?
Trend Studios has influenced my life in MANY WAYS, but if I had to choose one it’d be my fabulous team! I love everyone there. We motivate each other to do more everyday .

What is your favorite thing about Trend Studios?

My favorite thing about trend studios is the fact that we get to be ourselves everyday and being there is always an enjoyable experience.

What is your latest trend?

I would have to say my latest trend would have to be the balayage ombré. 

What do you see in the WAY distant future for hair styles?

Simplicity, sleek, and sexy… Healthy hair is always the best route.

Who is your biggest celebrity inspiration and why?

My BIGGEST celebrity inspiration would have to be Jennifer Lopez a.k.a JLO!

Finally, can give us 3 interesting facts about yourself that most people probably wouldn’t already know about you?

I love swimming and running, I love to sing, and if I wasn’t doing hair I definitely would love to be doing something in the fashion industry!